Ko Yau - Level 1 (Leading self)

Ko Yau - Level 1 (Leading self)

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Being a traditional navigator in the modern world is a journey of self leadership, resilience and building empowering relationships. In this programme we will explore the traditional models of mentorship and living a life built on value as the foundations to success.

This program is for young and emerging leaders who want to;

    • develop self-awareness in terms of working with others, making decisions,
    • having important conversations, planning and implementing ideas and taking care of personal wellbeing;
    • improve skills of communication and interpersonal skills, negotiation and influence, awareness of values and behaviours;
    • increase their preparedness for personal and group involvement in continued and future leadership roles in workplaces and communities;
    • build connections with other leaders and become part of the broader network of the emerging leaders in the South Pacific

DETAILS AND VENUE: Vary depending on need and size of group. We have a couple venues across the greater Wellington available or could come to your site.

The indicated price is for the one-day full day (8:30am - 8:30pm) course. We also run a 2.5 day residential programme - contact us to discuss.

If you're an individual get in touch as we may have a course happening near you, that you could join or we'll add you to our waiting list and keep in touch.